28 June 2010

dd, old men edition

I love old men (I'm talking 80 years old and up). I attribute it to the fact that I have fantastic grandfathers. My remaining living grandpa is probably the cutest old man I've ever known in my life. I can't help but think of him when I see other old men.

Today while I was at the grocery store I chose the check-out line purely on the basis that there was a cute old man in his checkered button-down shirt and khakis right in front of me buying a cantelope, canned cranberry jelly, and sesame oil. Maybe what I love most about the elderly in general is their predictability.

And, as I anticipated, the old man was friendly and said a few words to me. They like to make little jokes, the old men do. "And I thought we chose the quick line!" (It was taking a while.)

Another thing I like about old men: they talk to me. Frequently, too. And the majority of the time they will tell me I'm cute or a "good looking young lady." If, socially, I was supposed to be associating with old men instead of guys my own age, I would have no problems finding a boyfriend. Guys, take a cue from the 80-90 year-olds, please!

I think I'm going to call my grandpa today.

24 June 2010

dd, old-timey edition

I've been on a bit of an old-timey kick lately. You know, listening to lots of Frank, Bing, Louis, Bobby, Fred, Dean, etc. And watching a lot of Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly and more. That being said, I have decided that I want this hairstyle:

A couple questions:
1. How do I accomplish this look?
2. Could I pull it off?

22 June 2010

dd, first days of summer edition

*Did you know that a public library can have a restraining order against someone? Because the one here does - I witnessed it. Weird.

*Avatar = Fern Gully for adults. I prefer Fern Gully.

*I already have 2 dinners frozen in my freezer. Baking for one = lots of leftovers.

*Someday soon I will go to a movie theater by myself. Just to prove I can do it. We'll see if I get brave enough this week.

*Wishing I had a job for next year so I could be traveling.

*Wimbledon is on! It is my favorite sporting event to watch. Too bad I don't have cable. I have watched some of it online, though.

19 June 2010

dd, wow i've watched a lot of tv edition

Sometime in my life I intend on buying the complete seasons of the following television shows for my children so that they will not miss out on all the shows that really matter:

*Boy Meets World

*Saved by the Bell

*The Cosby Show

*The Brady Bunch



Others that deserve an honorable mention (but are not important enough to purchase) are:

*Little Bill


*The Nanny (I know that 99.9% of the population hates this show and Fran Drescher, but I like it. Don't judge me.)

*Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman


And then there's the whole category of game shows that I will just cross my fingers and hope that they (and their reruns) will forever be aired on television:

*Price is Right, Bob Barker hosted-shows only

*Wheel of Fortune


*Love Connection

*Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

While we're at it, why don't I give a shout-out to made-for-tv movies that I love and will never be aired on television ever again (RIP, Disney/ABC family movies):

*This Time Around

*The Girl Who Spelled Freedom (ok, this was my sister's favorite)

*Help Wanted: Kids

*Double Switch (which I always thought was called Nerd Rock Star)

...I hope I didn't miss any...

17 June 2010

dd, question edition

Why is it that I have a better time partying with a group of people whose age, on average, is 40 than I do with a group of people my own age?

10 June 2010

dd, fact edition

Fact: The Bachelor/Bachelorette is entertaining television.

Fact: I am a picky eater.

Fact: I am not an actress.

Fact: School is over next week.

Fact: I don't like packing.

Fact: Summer tv is boring.

Fact: A lot of times change is hard.

Fact: Potting plants is a very 'adult' thing to do.

Fact: I am an adult.