24 January 2011

dd, blazers game edition

Well, the Blazers lost, but it was still a good game. Here's why:

*It was my first Blazers game!

*Free tickets.

*Good seats.

*Time with sister.

*Michael Jordan was in attendance!

*I won a free ticket to the Portland Auto Show from the giant car blimp that was flying around during half-time (which I will be giving/throwing away).

*Club level tickets, which means...FREE FOOD! Between the two of us we consumed (actually, we didn't consume it all - we snuck some in our purses to take home) the following:
-2 sodas
-2 water bottles
-piece of pizza
-giant red vine
-peanut m&m's
-2 buffet plates including pasta, ham, fruit and mini desserts
-ice cream sandwich
-mini dryer's slow-churned chocolate ice cream

...talk about gluttony at its finest!

I think we made good use of the tickets, don't you?

20 January 2011


*I borrowed someone's pasta maker. I'm going to whip out this recipe with homemade noodles this weekend. I'm already proud of myself.

*My sister and I were commuting at the same time this morning. That was fun to see her before work :)

*Is it bad that I already want summer to be here?

*You know, Jake Gyllenhaal really is very attractive.

*Why is it that every time I see the city bus that someone riding it has their hood up? Is it really cold in there?

*A student informed me a couple days ago as he sneezed that two things come out of your nose: snot and blood. He was pretty proud of himself for knowing this fact.

*Getting ready for bed is the worst.

13 January 2011

dd, i'm a complainer edition

*Kids were not good today. I always get really disappointed in myself when I get grouchy and "yell" at them. I seriously want to cry sometimes because I get so frustrated. In them or myself, I'm not sure. Just frustrated.

*A new guy moved in upstairs and he's way noisier than our other neighbors. At least he's more considerate about parking his car, though!

*When you're driving in the left lane, please go the speed limit.

*Thanks, ABC network, for having new shows. I don't know what's wrong with the other networks...

*I feel like I've been super busy...yet super lazy at the same time. Hmm.

04 January 2011

dd, confessions edition

*I eat in my bed all.the.time. Some find that gross. It's not like I spill!

*I've half-heartedly (sp?) attempted to make some new year's resolutions...and I've come to the conclusion (like I do every year), that I'm not very good at goal-making/keeping.

*I haven't fully unpacked yet.

*Christmas decorations are still up.

*Million Dollar Money Drop: kind of intriguing.

*Um...I guess that's it?