29 February 2012

dd, always a good idea edition

-pumpkin chocolate chip baked goods
-my nz slippers
-going to bed early
-a good book
-leaving when you want to
-a jigsaw puzzle

15 February 2012

dd, train of thought edition

Just another normal morning commute:

(after I see an ambulance on my way to work)
-How sad it is to see an ambulance...especially before 7am.
-I hope nobody is dying.
-What if I died on my way to work?
-If I did I'm glad I don't have any debts that anyone would have to take care of.
-But wait, my taxes aren't done!
-Good thing all my W-2's and other tax information is right on top of my bookshelf; it would be easy for Diana to find. (Question: would I still have to pay my taxes if I died?)
-Nobody knows my passwords to anything, though.
-Maybe I should write all my account numbers/passwords down.
-But what if a burglar found them?
-Where does one keep written passwords?
-In a safe?
-But that's exactly where the burglar would think they would be.
-The parents in the 90's Richie Rich movie had their safe in a mountain like mount rushmore, only with their faces on it.
-They had to sing a song together to get into it.
-But they didn't keep passwords or valuables in the safe; only sentimental things like Macaulay Culkin's baby carriage.

And then I went back to singing along with Ingrid.