30 March 2014

dd, documenting edition

I started a new blog...the idea is to document all of my trips, past and present.  Link is on the side, and right here if you're interested.

02 May 2013

dd, skills edition

If anyone can tell me how/where the following skills would be applied outside of my field in an employable position I'd appreciate it:

-walking backwards down long hallways
-explaining things in the simplest way possible
-drawing simple pictures of just about anything
-giving the evil eye
-anticipating how long any given activity will take
-knowing the rules of playground games
-guiding thoughts out of left field back to on-topic discussion
-creating themed activities
-making up a lot of things on the spot

20 March 2013

dd, missing edition

Currently missing:
-my long hair
-my grandparents
-leisure reading
-enjoying work
-new downton episodes

01 January 2013

dd, reflection edition

It's the first of the new year, so how am I going to reflect upon 2012?  By listing all the restaurants that I tried for the first time in the past year...at least the ones I remember (because let's be honest, nobody wants to do any real reflecting).

09 December 2012

dd, guilty pleasure edition

I have a lot of guilty pleasures.  Like a lot.  But I think the guiltiest of them all are:  holiday made-for-tv-movies.  Lifetime, Hallmark, ABC Family...I love them all.  I even go to the extent of calling my parents and asking them to record them for me (which then involves a complicated process of recording around the holiday lifetime movie they are currently watching) so that I have a ton to watch when I go home for Christmas.  There are a million things wrong with them: cheesy one-liners, awful actors, predictable outcomes, etc.  I just can't help myself, though.  With a title like "A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride" and "Holiday Spin" how can you resist?!  It's a weakness that I never intend on ever correcting.

And you know it's bad when you start a movie and realize 15 minutes into it you've already seen it...

30 October 2012

dd, pencils edition

I think pencils are the bane of my teaching existence.

-I don't even want to think about the number of hours I've spent in my (comparatively) short lifetime sharpening pencils.

-Schools are rarely equipped with quality pencil sharpeners.  Annoying.  My most favorite pencil sharpener is this beauty, which I had at my last school (side-note: was my favorite teaching year. I'm not saying it was because of this sharpener, but now that I look back, maybe it had something to do with it.). And guess how much it is?  More than a massage at a nice spa/low-end Tiffany's necklace/a reasonably-priced pair of boots.  Ridiculous.

-My pencil rules are the following:
*Kids don't use the sharpener.
*Sharpener isn't even out where they can reach it.
*It's hidden in the cupboard and I only bring it out before/after school hours.
(Want to know why?  Pencil sharpeners are LOUD.  You know what's even louder?  25+ children.  You know what drives me absolutely insane?  25+ children AND a very loud pencil sharpener.)

-Some common pencil (and eraser) conversations:
*You broke your pencil?  No, I will not sharpen it for you.  That's why I put out five extra pencils at your table.
*You broke all of the pencils at your table?  Not my problem - go find another one.
*ALL of the pencils are broken?  Share with a friend. (I then sharpen during the next break.  Sometimes.)
*Don't put the pencil in your mouth.
*You chewed off the eraser?  That's why I put the big eraser in your pencil cup.
*You poked holes in the big eraser?  Not my problem - guess it won't work as well.
*You tore up the eraser into pieces?  Guess you get to share it more!
*You put the eraser down your pants?  That's gross.  I'm still not giving you a new one.
*Don't put the eraser in your mouth.

-The above being said, I think that the pencils (and erasers) that children use are one of the dirtiest things on this planet.

-Also, their claim is true: Ticonderoga pencils are the best, at least when it comes to the wooden pencil variety.

26 September 2012

dd, thank you edition

Thank you, TV shows, for coming back with new episodes.  My life feels a little bit more complete.