16 February 2010

dd, list edition

Proof that I've been commuting too much:
*I am getting sick of listening to music...
*...which has made me resort to the nerdy endeavor of: books.on.cd.
*I am enjoying books on cd.
*I have caught myself using cruise control on 25 and 35 mph streets.

New dream job list, in order of preference:
1. Vanna White
2. Phil Keoghan's right hand (wo)man (actually, this could be #1...it's debatable)
3. children's book shop owner
4. elementary school librarian

Favorite winter Olympic sports (in no particular order):
*freestyle skiing
*short track
*alpine skiing
*figure skating (I think that Scott Hamilton's commentary has become the most entertaining part. How has his voice become so recognizable in my life?!)

09 February 2010


*You know how I said my dream job was to be an elementary school librarian? Well I lied. My real dream job is to be Vanna White.

*My most embarassing guilty-plesaure show? ABC Family's "Greek." I love it. I don't know why, I just do.

*I wish I wouldn't fall asleep after reading for 5 minutes. I'd get a lot more books read if I didn't.

*I would fry more foods (pioneer woman has a recipe for dougnuts, plus won tons are good), but I despise the smell of oil. It permeates. I hate permeating smells.

*It's hard for me to be motivated after 3pm.

*The sun was out today!!! I am very ready for it to be summer.

*Conflicted feelings are the worst.

*There is an owl that has been hooting many nights for the past couple of weeks. I love it. I think I will name the owl Henry.

06 February 2010

dd, my kitchen edition

I really like my apartment. It's spacious, the location is great, the rent is a good price, etc. While I'm grateful to have a job it's sad not really living in my apartment.

That doesn't stop me, however, from decorating it and making it the exact place that I want to live. I may have gone a little overboard with some decorating ideas (like the "ledges" on the wall), but I still love it. It feels like me. Because I kind of took over in the decorating department (sorry, roommate).

I have a pretty well-equipped kitchen. And I am going to continually add to my "stuff," for lack of a better word, until I have a utility equivalent to that of Jan's. I kind of have this weird anxiety where I need things to be complete, and thus my kitchen will be...probably sooner than it needs to be, but nonetheless (or nevertheless?), eventually it will be complete. I already have some of those obscure items, like a crepe pan and an aebelskiver pan, but am still acquiring some basics.

Yesterday I bought dishes. I have deviated from the original plan (from my last ddrt), which is good because it makes having China more of a possibility. I bought twelve four-piece settings of this lovely dinnerware, and I really like it. The bowls are backordered so I will get the rest of them (they only had two in the store) in a few weeks when the shipment comes in. I was pleasantly surprised by the mugs - they are almost as big as the bowls! So they will be perfect for hot chocolate or even ice cream or soup! So now my kitchen color-theme is black and yellow. I will at some point put a bowl of lemons as a centerpiece for my table. Maybe I will even throw some limes in there to spice things up. Or oranges! But I'm not likely to get that crazy.

So now that I have dinnerware, I can get my white-with-possible-platinum-accent china someday. Good plan.

It's mildly depressing that I just wrote this whole post on things in my kitchen. But hey, my life's not very exciting, ok?

P.S. I have been listening to Louie Armstrong-esque jazzy music all day and have been thoroughly enjoying it.