25 September 2011


*It's hard to write big letters.

*Melted cheese is the best!

*So happy new episodes are back.

*Thank you Louis, Frank, Ella and others for getting me through my prep.

*Continually learning that I can't do it all.

*Sometimes Christmas music comes up when my itunes is on shuffle. And sometimes I don't skip the song.

*One of my students told me I looked like Vanna White while I was teaching up at the board the other day. My dream is becoming a reality.

10 September 2011

dd, words edition

Words I love
*bauble (perfection in a word)
*hosiery (I always imagine an elderly lady saying, "my hose!" and it makes me chuckle)
*throughout (nerd alert! my favorite word to type)

Words I do not love
*colonel (not spelled phonetically)
*skiwampus (not technically a real word...plus it just bothers me for some unknown reason)
*gregarious (it does not match its definition to me)

06 September 2011

dd, i hate trying new things edition

In general I don't like to try new things. I have to force myself. Unless it's trying a new recipe filled with ingredients that I like. But I do it, and I do it (somewhat) often. Because "they" say it's good for you. I suppose it gives you some sense of self-satisfaction, but more often than not I end up thinking "yeah, I can do it/it was fine, but I didn't love it and would be fine never doing it again." That's usually how it turns out.

I've tried two new things this week already ("they" should be proud). I don't see myself doing either of those things in the near future.

At least I know I'm content with what I'm already doing!

Although last week I tried something new and intend on doing it again. So there goes my whole theory.

Guess what? I'm trying new things.