26 July 2010

dd, good and bad edition

Good: I'm in my comfy shorts and my Williams Sonoma apron, which is one of my favorite things to wear. It's comfy. Don't judge.

Bad: I probably shouldn't be baking a six-layer cake in 80-degree weather.

Good: I get to go on vacation this week!!!

Bad: I found a spider on my hand towel this morning.

Good: I love summertime.

Bad: I think my plants are dead.

Good: I haven't showered yet.

Bad: I haven't showered yet.

12 July 2010

dd, errands edition

I was busy today! Some errands that I ran:

School Stuff
I had to go to the CESD thirty minutes away so that they could make a copy of my new license and get some little yellow card from them saying that I brought in my license (even though they stamped my license indicating I went there). Now that I had the yellow card, I proceeded to go to three different districts so that they could make a copy of my license and that yellow card to have on their file. Then I came home and applied to be a sub in another district. Which was followed by taking a 45 minute teacher-personality test online. If I get accepted as a sub in this district then I get to drive over to that district so they can copy my license and yellow card. Ridiculous? I think yes.

Les Schwab
I went in to get a price quote for a new set of tires (which luckily I won't have to get until probably the beginning of winter). Bad news: my tires will cost a lot. Good news: the guys that work at Les Schwab are cute and helpful.

Why are red bell peppers so expensive right now? Weird. I would like everyone to know that an old(er) gentleman talked to me today. I sneezed and then he made some joke that I didn't quite understand. I'm telling you. Old men. Also, WinCo left some coupons for FREE food in our mailbox last week, so I redeemed them today. Guess what I got for free? Hot dogs, hot dog buns, tortilla chips, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. Thanks, WinCo!

Now it's 5pm and, believe it or not, I do have the rest of my evening planned out. I didn't even get to putting away my laundry today. Or baking that second chocolate cake for tomorrow's cake night. Looks like I'll keep busy tomorrow, too!

Welcome back, feeling of productivity.

07 July 2010

dd, store-bought cookies edition

This is a real issue, folks. I'm not even going to dive into the realm that is "store-bought bakery" or "actual bakery" cookies. I'm just talking about normal packaged found-in-every-grocery-store store-bought cookies. Shall we begin? The best store-bought cookies, in no particular order:

*Keebler Mini Vanilla Wafers. While the normal-sized wafers are good, the mini ones are just better. And I do prefer this brand over the original Nilla Wafers (even though I still call the Keebler brand "nilla wafers." It's the "kleenex" or "chapstick" issue). And can someone please tell me why the nilla wafers are always sold by the bananas?! I've never understood this.

*Chewy Chips Ahoy. Not regular Chips Ahoy. Oh, no. The chewy ones. SO much better. Very delicious.

*Keebler Grahams (yes, it says 'grahams' and not 'graham') Crackers Bug Bites. Very important: if buying just regular graham crackers, you go with the
Honey Maid brand. The Keebler Grahams are just not as good. These little crackers, though, are sweet and a just the right amount of cinnamon-y. Plus if you want to secretly still play with the bug shapes, you can. If nobody is watching. Or if you're with children.

Nutter Butter. Oh don't get me started on that peanut butter filling. I mean, that's what you eat the cookie for. Or sometimes not even the cookie and just the filling. Remember when that contaminated peanut-butter thing happened (not-so) recently? Yeah, well I just remember being very disappointed because I have a c.r.a.v.i.n.g. for Nutter Butters and I couldn't have them.

*I'm not sure if this qualifies as a cookie, but if I put Bug Bites up, then I guess it must. Let's just talk about the whole family of
Teddy Grahams. Whoever (whomever?) created Teddy Grahams is a genius. And I'd like to be his/her friend. I will just put the flavors in order from most favorite to least favorite: Chocolatey Chip, Cinnamon, Honey, and Chocolate. Actually, I don't really like the chocolate ones at all, but most people do. But guys, those bears! Their little limbs, their fat tummies. Seriously - this guy knew how to please children and adults who make their careers doing children-like activities forever.

Honorable mentions:

*The Oreo. If I am eating one, I prefer the
Double Stuf Oreo. I have to be in the mood for an Oreo, though. But if you are in the mood for one, they are quite delicious. And these cookies serve to be an important ingredient in many desserts. Also, by the sheer importance of the Oreo to American tradition and culture, it gets a spot on the list.

*Let's discuss the Keebler Fudge Shoppe for a moment. A family favorite is the Grasshopper cookie. It's another mood-dependent cookie for me. I just know I'd get some type of response if it wasn't up here. My favorite Fudge Shoppe cookie, however, is a toss-up between the Fudge Stripes and the Deluxe Grahams. Subtly (yes, that's how you spell it) different, but essentially the same.

So I think what we've learned here is that I will eat most any store-bought cookie and that I have unnatural feelings and opinions towards them since I could only narrow it down to, what? Seven? Sad.

06 July 2010

dd, summer schedule edition

8am - wake up to alarm

9am - actually wake up

9:30am - go to whatever class is happening at the gym that day

10:30am - go home and shower

11:00am - browse internet: email, facebook, blogs, district websites for job openings

12:00pm - go drive over to sister's apartment complex and lay out by pool: listen to music, read book and/or do People puzzler

1:30/2:00pm - go home and shower again

2:30pm to 7:00pm - run errands, watch netflix movies/tv, browse internet (see above), read, cook/bake, etc.

7:00pm - hopefully do something social

10:00pm - get ready for bed

11:30pm - go to sleep

01 July 2010

dd, google ad's edition

This post is inspired by and is a tribute to my dear friend Jill, who has been the recipient of my ddrt emails for quite some time. They are, in fact, usually insanely random (hence the title) and often produce quite humorous google ad's on the sidebar of the text of our emails. Thus I have spent far too much time going through all of our hundreds of emails and copying only some of the advertisement links. This will give you an idea of how google knows, and yet doesn't know at all, what we're all thinking. And yes, all of these links would somehow make sense/relate to the conversations we've had:

*girdle women
*barbie lyrics
*transgendered women
*lycra pants
*wacky weird
*India tour package
*blueberry pie
*facebook tag
*cheap printer ink
*Korean music song
*free roommate search
*look alikes
*Bella Edward Cullen
*wall thickness
*help children
*romantic gift
*joy & happiness
*car pranks
*girls looking men
*Sweden girls
*family vacation trip
*funny faces photos
*learning English grammar
*downtown lofts
*fussball kicker
*York refrigerant
*knee tear
*wood boilers
*positive thinking
*quick money
*art & craft
*inna if you cry (What does that even mean?!)
*sleep apnea symptoms
*pick up lines
*really funny jokes
*friend poems
*Star Wars LEGO set
*baby feeding
*peroxide on teeth
*Larry King
*dog waste disposal
*kung fu
*Reminisce magazine

and last but not least (which has showed up a million times):
*AARP 50+ auto insurance

Yup. That sounds about right.