24 March 2011

dd, spring break edition

I still wish I could've gone on a tropical vacation, but oh well. I guess I'll have to wait for this summer!

Getting random errands and things checked off my list are good, too, though.

Massage? Check!

Shopping? Check! And more to come tomorrow.

Pedi? Still thinking about that one.

Things done on my car? Half-check.

Book read? Almost.

Cooking? Not really.

Clean my room? Nope.

Gym? Twice this week, and tomorrow might make three.

Lesson planning? Check.

Laundry? Always going on.

Movies? Watched an entire season of a BBC series, if that counts.

A successful spring break so far, I think.

10 March 2011


*I just ate a whole bag of quaker rice snacks. That's what I get for not eating lunch today.

*I'm getting used to less sleep and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

*Remember D.A.R.E.? I saw the logo on the side of a dump truck (???) on my way to work this morning. It brought back lots of memories of that officer that always came to our school and the graffiti t-shirt I got.

*Just so you know, you can be in love with an item of clothing. My current love is a new skirt of mine.

*My eyesight is really getting bad, I've decided. I'd better get a more attractive pair of glasses so I can wear them frequently. I will soon fully embrace my secret librarian identity.

*I get to see my sister and her kids soon! Hopefully my niece will remember me better after this visit and not have to ask her mom, "is she my friend?"