29 May 2010


*I like it when my cheerios form a flower in my milk.

*I have a somewhat unhealthy emotion towards Crate & Barrel boxes. Not the items in the store (although I do love those), but the boxes that they put them in. If you have ever carried one of those compact, sleek, sturdy pieces of cardboard out of that store, you should know how I feel. Those cardboard boxes complete my life.

*I like smocked dresses on little girls. They are cute.

*Question: Why do tortilla chips only come in giant bags? It seems like every other chip comes in those individual bags, yet tortilla chips do not. And bags of tortilla chips that you buy tend to be larger than normal-sized bags of other chips. I wonder why that is.

*If anyone knows where to find some black/yellow prints (green accents are fine) to put in my kitchen, let me know.

*School is almost out!

28 May 2010

dd, may accomplishments edition

*turned 25

*survived a physical assault from student

*taught a sunday school lesson (was a fear of mine)

*starred in a movie by crazy dad

*made my apartment more of a home

*got a good evaluation at work

*made chocolate nutella-filled ableskeivers

*ate at two new restaurants

*got through the long month at school

*stayed in my apartment for three night in a row

17 May 2010

dd, tired edition

*I am obsessed with the movie The Young Victoria right now. And by obsessed I mean that I saw it recently and really liked it. And immediately bought the soundtrack. And listen to it to attempt to calm my racing mind.

*I am exhausted. A little bit physically, but mostly mentally. My mind goes at full speed for probably about 90% of the time I'm awake, which is too much in my opinion.

*I have my work sprawled on my bed right now. Ew. My work belongs back in that cute blue bag my mom bought me many years ago so I wouldn't have a frumpy teacher bag.

*Why is it that I have the feeling that everyone's lives are moving forward while mine is moving backwards?

*That being said, there has been way too much second-guessing going on in that mind of mine.

*Young Victoria album is over. That must mean that it's time for bed.

13 May 2010

dd, upcoming movies i want to see edition

The Adjustment Bureau - Matt Damon is usually a good bet.

You Again - Not only does it have Betty White, but it's PG, too!!!

Inception - Probably more hype than it's worth, but it seems like it could be good.

I would maybe want to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice if it didn't have Nicholas Cage in it. Ew.

Dinner for Schmucks - I'm pretty sure the idea is taken from this French film (which was good).

Beastly - Tami, I have found our teeny-bopper movie to see together. Vanessa Hudgens and one of the Olsen twins? Yes, please!

The Switch looks ok, but just a typical chick-flick, and I'm not partial to Jennifer Aniston so it will probably only be sub-par.

Waiting for Superman - I do love a good documentary. And this one is supposedly about how our education system is horrible or something. I will probably agree with a lot of points and I will probably disagree with a lot of points. I'm just hoping that people won't get into a lot of arguments about it. Because I hate arguments.

Where is my romantic time-period movie?!?!?!

(And yes, this is how I spend my time. I watch trailers for upcoming movies. What? It's relaxing to me.)

08 May 2010

dd, saturday evening to-do list edition

get a dvd player check
watch a movie in newly set-up dvd player check
trader joe's run check
call comcast check
grade papers half-check
arrange new table groups
plan for math
facebook stalk check
plan sunday school lesson half-check
read more of 39 clues

02 May 2010


*I am very ready for Summer to be here...even though I will be unemployed once the school year ends which, will cause other stresses. I guess I'm ready for a different stress. You know, gotta switch it up.

*I cut a large chunk of skin out of my finger this morning. It hurts. I hate having to wear a band-aid in the same place for many days at a time (which I am anticipating). It makes your skin gross.

*I've decided that it's probably a good thing that cheese is so expensive. Because I love it. I love it a lot. And if it were cheaper I would be cooking a lot more
main dishes with the primary ingredient of cheese.

*I love Oregon in the Spring. And Summer. And Fall. Winter's ok...as far as winters go.

*I wish I liked to run. But I don't. Not even a little bit.

*I miss the days where there were movies in the theater that I actually wanted to go see.

*Do you want to go to work for me tomorrow? You do?! Thanks.

*I'm on the lookout for some good light gray work pants. You know, like
Matlock color. It's been a dream of mine for about the past year to own a pair of light gray suit pants. You'd think it'd be easy to find. Well guess what? It's not.

*I think that my life would be a lot easier if I had someone style my hair every day. I'm pretty sure that everyone would be happier. Good hair = happiness.

*Two words:
homemade brownies.