31 January 2012

dd, if i had a billion dollars edition

If I had a billion dollars* I would...

...have weekly or daily massages. Let's just say an on-call masseuse.
...have someone do my hair and makeup every day.
...whisk myself away on vacation whenever I wanted.
...take tennis lessons from Andy Roddick.
...have a black-tie event with a private performance from Michael Buble.
...throw magnificent parties.
...attempt to be trendy.

*because let's face it: a million just doesn't go as far as it used to.

21 January 2012

dd, pinterest justification edition

I know, I know, I spend waaaaaay too much time on pinterest. But it's an interactive site for me. I actually DO things that I see/pin on there. Let's give you some numbers:

*I have 16 boards and, as of this moment, 601 pins (5 of my boards are food-related, naturally).
*I tallied it up and I have made approximately 13% of the food-related items I've pinned.
*I have also completed six pinterest-inspired crafts, and have redecorated my bedroom.

I figure that's better than the average person on pinterest.

09 January 2012

dd, binge much? edition

In no particular order, a list of things I could eat at least a half, or an entire pan of by myself:

*german pancakes
*texas sheet cake
*cheesy breadsticks
*breadsticks/rolls in general
*oreo cake
*chocolate chip cookies (soft, chewy ones!!)
*mashed potatoes
*funeral potatoes
*graham cracker crust
*really cheesy mac 'n' cheese

...I'm sure that's not all, unfortunately...