30 August 2011

dd, fb status (statuses? stati?) that were considered, but never made it edition

*I'll toast to that.


*Thank you, Sondre, for the ride home.

*Jane Austen knows her stuff.

*Pinterest > Facebook.

*Miss B lives!

16 August 2011

dd, kitchen necessities edition

Things I would like for my kitchen. Eventually. Just because.

*pasta maker
*kitchen blowtorch (yes, it's apparently one word)
*mandolin (not the instrument...the kitchen slicer)
*pastry scraper
*meat tenderizer
*baking sheets (you can always use more)
*cooling racks (I only have one)
*cute spoon rest (something like this?)
*immersion blender
*this specific food processor (I think I've mentioned that before)

For now.

10 August 2011

dd, things i don't do well edition

*put pants on barbies
*hide my emotions through facial expressions
*eat slowly
*put socks/shoes on children
*convince myself that I'm not the exception
*eat enough fruits and vegetables

...among other things.