26 December 2010

dd, first time edition

The past week has provided for a lot of "first time" events for me. They include, but are not limited to the following:

*Spending Christmas away from home. (We still get to celebrate it at home, once we get there.)

*Having a white Christmas. (It snowed!)

*Visiting this place, this place (for proof, look here), this place, and this place, along with the unclaimed baggage center. (I'm not patient enough to find treasures.)

*Making and eating this recipe. (See my cooking blog - notes on there.)

*Watching this movie. (Cute.)

*Seeing a 3D movie in the theaters - this one. (Also a cute movie, but I still don't see the point of 3D.)

*Reading this book. (I really enjoyed it! My sister made fun of me for laughing out loud while reading.)

08 December 2010


*I'm pretty proud of myself that I made dinner tonight. Well, "made" is a relative term...

*And the most noticeable/memorable celebrity eyebrows goes to this guy.

*Does anybody have any fantastic New Year's ideas? Because I, for one, am not paying to attend a party at a high school (yes, that is where the church party is going to be held).

*I'm a sucker for ciabatta bread. Yummm.

*Hey, guess what? Christmas is coming! Just in case you didn't know.

*I'm contemplating wearing glasses more regularly. Yikes. This would not be good for my already questionable social life, seeing as any pair of glasses that I wear makes me look like a librarian.

*I've been craving soda a lot lately. I blame my friends. And happy hour.

*I've gotten some interesting "wrong number" texts before. Today's was "So how's home bro???"

*Apparently I will be visitng this place soon. Any guesses as to what we'll find?!

04 December 2010

dd, new job edition

One week down, and I think it will be a good fit. Here's why:

*I already have a cute Built NY lunch bag, like 1/2 the other teachers.

*I'm not the only "young" teacher.

*One of my co-workers is LDS.

*I'm more of a specialist, so I don't have to deal with parents as much as I would a classroom teacher.

*The kids are nice. And they follow directions.

*I don't have to wake up super early.

*The teachers have all been listening to Christmas music (after school).