24 August 2010

dd, champagne wishes and caviar dreams edition

I went to the Street of Dreams tonight with a friend. It's my favorite event of the year. You pay to walk around/be in ridiculously expensive homes. From my years of attending this event, I have come up with what I like to call my "5 million dollar dream home." I even have a notebook somewhere where I have most of this written down. Let me share with you what my dream home would consist of, which I am completely aware that I will never ever in my lifetime attain:

*matching appliances (obviously)
*two ovens
*two dishwashers (I'd be ok with one normal size and one smaller one)
*two refrigerator/freezers
*granite countertops
*two sinks (if not three)
*those drawers that automatically gently close if you slam them shut
*all lower cupboards will have drawers
*ample cupbaord space
*spice drawer
*long vertical drawers for cookie sheets, etc.
*long horizonal drawers (or vertical with rods) for tablecloths
*large pantry
*etc, etc, etc...

Master Bedroom...
*actually doesn't have to be huge...I never did see the need for an incredibly large bedroom
*separate roomy walk-in closets (including a shoe closet)
*gas fireplace
...Master Bathroom
*heated tile floors
*towel warmer
*separate sinks
*walk-in shower with two separate shower heads
*large jetted bathtub
*laundry room (yes, inside the bathroom)

Entertainment Room
*big tv
*ridiculously comfortable and attractive seating arrangements
*mini kitchen (fully equipped with mini oven, dishwasher, etc.)
*attractive closet/shelving which is very organized (obviously) for games
*gas fireplace

Children's Playroom
*two of the walls will be a giant map of the world
*third wall will be a giant chalkboard
*fourth wall will be a giant white board
*secret/hidden passageway to get into playroom
*fully equipped play kitchen
*art corner

*floor-to-ceiling bookshelves
*decorated with maps and globes
*gas fireplace
*appropriately decorated children's section

Other Rooms
*at least 3 other bedrooms besides the master...two of which will share a Jack & Jill bathroom
*music room with a baby grand
*large laundry room upstairs
*small laundry room in mudroom
*craft room (mainly for gift wrapping)

Random Features
*central vacuum system
*intercom system
*indoor/outdoor central sound system
*two staircases (on opposite sides of the house)
*at least one real fireplace
*when you go upstairs, I would like a large central open area (which could be the library, or den-area with computer, etc.)

*tennis court (or maybe sport court)
*pool house (bathroom, shower, storage for pool things/toys)
*hot tub
*tv (so you could watch tv while swimming/in the hot tub. obviously.)
*large deck with parts that are covered and open (with retractable covering options)
*barbeque area (with fridge, sink, etc.)
*three or four car garage
*food storage room attached to/in garage
*gardening "shed"
*large yard
*special area of yard for lawn games (badmitton, horseshoes, croquet, bocce ball, etc.)

I'm ridiculous.

22 August 2010

dd, drew tape edition

For pure entertainment value I have been watching a lot of Andy Rooney 60 Minutes clips. I honestly do not understand why they spend the money, energy or airtime letting a senile old man talk, for no reason or purpose, on their show. It's ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time. The more I watched these clips, though, the more I thought about how what Andy Rooney does on his airtime is what I do on this blog: talk about random things that nobody cares about. We must be kindred spirits. Thanks, Andy, for always making me laugh (although I'm sure it is unintentional).

Here's one of my favorites: (since I couldn't figure out how to post the video, you'll just get the embedded link).

12 August 2010

03 August 2010


*Many people call me Jennifer. I suppose it's close enough, but really. I find it interesting that people so easily forget an extremely common name.

*I like doing odd jobs. Usually.

*Just finished watching season 2 of Chuck. I like that show.

*The normal Wednesday zumba instructor at my gym won't be there tomorrow because she's dancing with Mario Lopez. Naturally.

*I want to go home.

*Also, I need a job.

*All I want to do is bake some chocolate chip cookies but I'm not allowing myself because 1. I don't need them, and 2. I've eaten too much cheese today to justify eating cookies.

*I believe I will be spending my evening organizing some documents and watching a movie. Surprise!

*I've had this song stuck in my head all day.

*I need to cook healthier meals. I'm taking suggestions.