31 January 2010

dd, creating a home

So this month's Ensign has an article about 10 ways to grow as a single adult. I feel like I'm doing pretty well on all of their suggestions. I have a career, I have goals, my job happens to "support the next generation," etc. etc. Under the "creating a home" category, I kind of laughed when I read this line, "Jean, 28, concluded she did not need to be married to buy 'real' dishes." My reaction: obviously.

I've never had problems buying things for myself. Nor do I ever think I will. Don't worry - I don't buy things unless I can afford them. I've always enjoyed kitchen things and have been thinking about buying (or starting to buy) a nice set of dinnerware.

I was offered a job doing seasonal sales at Crate and Barrel this year but had to decline because I got my long-term sub job. But my plan is to write them (C&B) a letter with my resume saying that I will be available to work any shift during the summer :) Is it bad that I really want to work there? Anyway, there is a connection to this and dishes: employee discount.

So when I work there this summer (I'm being optomistic), I should take advantage of the discount and buy myself some nice dishes. Because I don't need to be married to have a full set of matching dishes. Plus it will be my turn to host Thanksgiving this year. So I need dishes, right?

I think I'm going to go for a white dinnerware. Something that will function for both everyday and china. Because I like simple, it would be kind of ridiculous to have two sets of white/china plates. I'm ok with one. I will accept that. So I was perusing on C&B this morning and haven't seen them in person, but on first look I like the Halo dinnerware or the Maison dinerware.

Thoughts? Feelings? Votes?

24 January 2010

ddrt, did you know? edition

*Did you know that this song is one of my favorite hymns to sing because the alto part is actually interesting? Same with this one.

*Did you know that I am going to start taking violin lessons on Saturday?! I'm really excited. My mother bought me a violin three years ago, and I will finally start my (not-so-secret-anymore) dream to know how to play the violin. Let's hope I stick with it.

*Did you know that they already have the new cast up for the next season of the Amazing Race?! It starts on V-day.

*Did you know that Masterpiece Theater is showing Emma this week and next?

*Did you know that I'm piloting a new math curriculum this week...and another in a few weeks? Not like it's interesting, but that is what my mind is on at the moment.

*Did you know that I want to go to Vancouver, BC sometime? And sometime soon? Might not be a warm location for Spring Break, but I think it would be fun to go. Who wants to come with me?!

*Did you know that I did not make my goal of three times at the gym last week? I only made it twice. Maybe this week it will happen.

*Did you know that I never accomplish everything that I set out to do. It's kind of annoying. But I like to think that nobody really ever does.

18 January 2010

dd, here's the story...

So I was at the gym today (now I only need to go twice to reach my goal for the week), and watched The Brady Bunch while I was working out. It was great. It was the one where Jan bought a black wig. Oh, Jan and her middle-child identity crises (yes, that is the plural form of 'crisis' - I looked it up). Do you remember that one?! The lady at the wig shop selling her a wig looked and sounded like the inspiration for this girl. And Peter only needed 49 cents to buy a girl a birthday present. Ah, those were the days. And I never understood why they had Alice. I think Carol could've managed without her. I love the Brady Bunch!

17 January 2010


*Even though I didn't get any compliments, I swear my hair looked good today.

*I think I want to buy curtains for my bedroom window because I'm paranoid that people can see my sillouette while I'm in there. Even though there is never anybody in my parking lot.

*I tend to follow my sister's example in a lot of the decisions I make, namely big purchases. After college I bought a car. (Which is almost exactly like hers.) I was thinking about the things that I want for my apartment and decided my next big purchase will be a couch (which was my sister's next big purchase...which was followed by a kitchen table and then a "real" bed). I'm not saying I'm getting one right away, because I'm not and I don't need one but I'm starting to think about it. It will probably take me 2 years to decide what kind of couch(es) I want, because once I buy them I'm sticking with it (them) forever and ever! I kind of like the idea of a gray couch at the moment.

*I learned CPR this week, and am glad that I know it. Hopefully I won't have to use it.

*Three weeks until I get my Praxis results. What if I don't pass? Take it again...that's what I'll do.

*I also just realized, thinking about apartment purchases, that I don't own a tv, either. I can't remember if that came before or after the couch in my sister's life, so I should figure that one out.

*New TJ try of the weekend: gorgonzola crackers. They were ok - they taste more peppery than cheesy, but oh well.

*Other new TJ try of the weekend: frozen individual (or do I say "inidividual frozen"?) pizzas. I will probably be purchasing those again.

*Finished this book yesterday - it was...ok. I thought the ending was really abrupt. I have a ton of books waiting on my shelf to be read that I need to get to. Maybe I will finally finish this one (that I am a third of the way through...and started over a year ago). I also need to read this, this, this, and this. Those are the ones on my shelf at my apartment. The various lists lying around on scraps of paper, on documents in my computer and in my head, however, are endless.

*My goal for this week: go to the gym three times.

08 January 2010

dd, i learned something new

I had always heard these terms, but never knew what they specifically meant:

Onset - A word's initial consonant or consonant blend.
Rime - A word's vowel and any final consonants.
Schwa - The vowel sound in many lightly pronounced unaccented syllables in words of more than one syllable.

(And yes, this does interest me.)

06 January 2010

dd, my dream job edition

I wouldn't say that I'm a bookworm, but I do enjoy reading when I find the time (and when I don't fall asleep). Children's literature, to be specific.

I want to read kids books all day. I want to have all the books and authors memorized - like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail. I want to be a resource of knowledge (in the area of children's literature). I want to spend my days making book lists for teachers to use in their units and lessons. I want to organize, label and categorize things.

I want to be an elementary school librarian. Or own a children's book store. Really the latter, but the former is more achievable.

I somehow feel that it's not ok that my (not-so-secret) dream is to become a librarian.

Even though I know it is.

05 January 2010


*As I was watching the Bachelor, one of the bachelorettes was saying how she had "horrible style" as she was packing a dress into her suitcase, at which the exact same moment I exclaimed, "I have that dress!"

*That same night I had Mickey Mouse head-shaped chicken nuggets with a Capri Sun for dinner.

*Is it nerdy that I sometimes plan my gym time to coincide with Jeopardy?

*Is it even more nerdy that I have opinionated feelings towards Alex Trebek and his lack of "bedside manner" while performing his hosting duties?

*If I could somehow calculate where my thoughts are directed to(wards?) most often, I would be confident that the answer would be "food."

*Like, if I want to get Starbucks in the morning I plan to get up earlier.

*Food is kind of a big deal. In general, and in my life. Both. The answer is yes.

*My friend (accurately) accused me of randomly getting the YMCA song stuck in her head. The question is: why was I humming the song in the first place?

*I bought a compact disc tonight. With a wolf on it.

*Current guilty pleasure songs: Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cirus and 3 by Britney Spears. Don't judge.

*I sometimes spend my Saturdays looking up old 90's television shows on you tube. What?

03 January 2010

dd, million dollar idea edition

Well, maybe. I always thought it would be nice to have a digital cookbook/recipe box of sorts in the kitchen. Can't you see something like that in the street of dreams? You know, maybe a digital photo-frame size? With a touch-screen? And you could transfer all your recipes on there, and have a measurement converter, and a food-dictionary on it. I guess one could just put a laptop in their kitchen and do all the same things. But still - I think it's a good idea. I'd use it. D, pitch the idea to your touch-screen-producing-people.

02 January 2010

dd, one more time - with feeling

I like Regina Spektor, but sometimes she is just too weird. Take folding chair, for example. Here's a good line, "I got a perfect body 'cause my eyelashes catch my sweat." Actually, I can handle that. Weird, but whatever. What I think is super-weird is when she sings like a dolphin in the song.

That being said, I've listened to the song five times today.

dd, new years edition


*The Blind Side

*Trader Joe's frozen dinners

*Spending four hours of my life watching a BBC miniseries.


*staying up late

*my breaks making weird noises

*being unproductive