26 September 2012

dd, thank you edition

Thank you, TV shows, for coming back with new episodes.  My life feels a little bit more complete.

20 September 2012

dd, yes but no edition

Things about me that are very true...but also not at all.

-I'm a patient person.
-I deal with things in a mature manner.
-I'm put together.
-I have a love affair with food.
-I'm a stress eater.
-I can be positive.
-I'm a level-headed person.
-I will splurge.
-I'm good at wallowing.
-I have a love affair with the t.v. shows that I watch.
-I'm an adult.

15 September 2012

dd, i don't care edition

I don't care about the equinox or the fact that it's still hot outside.  I'm making Fall happen.  Pumpkin bread all around!