17 January 2010


*Even though I didn't get any compliments, I swear my hair looked good today.

*I think I want to buy curtains for my bedroom window because I'm paranoid that people can see my sillouette while I'm in there. Even though there is never anybody in my parking lot.

*I tend to follow my sister's example in a lot of the decisions I make, namely big purchases. After college I bought a car. (Which is almost exactly like hers.) I was thinking about the things that I want for my apartment and decided my next big purchase will be a couch (which was my sister's next big purchase...which was followed by a kitchen table and then a "real" bed). I'm not saying I'm getting one right away, because I'm not and I don't need one but I'm starting to think about it. It will probably take me 2 years to decide what kind of couch(es) I want, because once I buy them I'm sticking with it (them) forever and ever! I kind of like the idea of a gray couch at the moment.

*I learned CPR this week, and am glad that I know it. Hopefully I won't have to use it.

*Three weeks until I get my Praxis results. What if I don't pass? Take it again...that's what I'll do.

*I also just realized, thinking about apartment purchases, that I don't own a tv, either. I can't remember if that came before or after the couch in my sister's life, so I should figure that one out.

*New TJ try of the weekend: gorgonzola crackers. They were ok - they taste more peppery than cheesy, but oh well.

*Other new TJ try of the weekend: frozen individual (or do I say "inidividual frozen"?) pizzas. I will probably be purchasing those again.

*Finished this book yesterday - it was...ok. I thought the ending was really abrupt. I have a ton of books waiting on my shelf to be read that I need to get to. Maybe I will finally finish this one (that I am a third of the way through...and started over a year ago). I also need to read this, this, this, and this. Those are the ones on my shelf at my apartment. The various lists lying around on scraps of paper, on documents in my computer and in my head, however, are endless.

*My goal for this week: go to the gym three times.


kg said...

I'm reading The Story Girl right now! Doesn't Corvallis have a TJ now too?

Kelli said...

RT responses:

*I am flip-flopped from you and your sister...I bought the couches first, and now I want a new car. And I don't really own a TV either...well, one that's worth owning anyway. I inherited it from my parents.

*What is TJ?

*Let me know if any of those books are good-I think I remember reading Charlotte Doyle when I was younger.

*I figured out what TJ is...no need to answer. Silly me. And I live in Seattle, too...that should've been easy!

*I miss you: can I visit you in two weekends?

Diana said...

I'm so glad that some of my weirdness has rubbed off on you :) I think I got the TV in college, then the car, then the couch. So, the TV's not really a 'grown up' purchase yet...add it to my list I guess!

Love Love Love TJ!

TamBaum said...

So call me stupid, what is TJ?