29 May 2010


*I like it when my cheerios form a flower in my milk.

*I have a somewhat unhealthy emotion towards Crate & Barrel boxes. Not the items in the store (although I do love those), but the boxes that they put them in. If you have ever carried one of those compact, sleek, sturdy pieces of cardboard out of that store, you should know how I feel. Those cardboard boxes complete my life.

*I like smocked dresses on little girls. They are cute.

*Question: Why do tortilla chips only come in giant bags? It seems like every other chip comes in those individual bags, yet tortilla chips do not. And bags of tortilla chips that you buy tend to be larger than normal-sized bags of other chips. I wonder why that is.

*If anyone knows where to find some black/yellow prints (green accents are fine) to put in my kitchen, let me know.

*School is almost out!

1 comment:

Kelli said...

My favorite is your tortilla chip comment. Crate and Barrel comes in a close second.