12 July 2010

dd, errands edition

I was busy today! Some errands that I ran:

School Stuff
I had to go to the CESD thirty minutes away so that they could make a copy of my new license and get some little yellow card from them saying that I brought in my license (even though they stamped my license indicating I went there). Now that I had the yellow card, I proceeded to go to three different districts so that they could make a copy of my license and that yellow card to have on their file. Then I came home and applied to be a sub in another district. Which was followed by taking a 45 minute teacher-personality test online. If I get accepted as a sub in this district then I get to drive over to that district so they can copy my license and yellow card. Ridiculous? I think yes.

Les Schwab
I went in to get a price quote for a new set of tires (which luckily I won't have to get until probably the beginning of winter). Bad news: my tires will cost a lot. Good news: the guys that work at Les Schwab are cute and helpful.

Why are red bell peppers so expensive right now? Weird. I would like everyone to know that an old(er) gentleman talked to me today. I sneezed and then he made some joke that I didn't quite understand. I'm telling you. Old men. Also, WinCo left some coupons for FREE food in our mailbox last week, so I redeemed them today. Guess what I got for free? Hot dogs, hot dog buns, tortilla chips, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. Thanks, WinCo!

Now it's 5pm and, believe it or not, I do have the rest of my evening planned out. I didn't even get to putting away my laundry today. Or baking that second chocolate cake for tomorrow's cake night. Looks like I'll keep busy tomorrow, too!

Welcome back, feeling of productivity.

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kg said...

I miss Winco!!!