03 August 2010


*Many people call me Jennifer. I suppose it's close enough, but really. I find it interesting that people so easily forget an extremely common name.

*I like doing odd jobs. Usually.

*Just finished watching season 2 of Chuck. I like that show.

*The normal Wednesday zumba instructor at my gym won't be there tomorrow because she's dancing with Mario Lopez. Naturally.

*I want to go home.

*Also, I need a job.

*All I want to do is bake some chocolate chip cookies but I'm not allowing myself because 1. I don't need them, and 2. I've eaten too much cheese today to justify eating cookies.

*I believe I will be spending my evening organizing some documents and watching a movie. Surprise!

*I've had this song stuck in my head all day.

*I need to cook healthier meals. I'm taking suggestions.


Diana said...

Jennifer? Really? I think that's weird.

Thanks for doing my odd jobs for me yesterday :)

Brooke Jean said...

I have that song stuck in my head all the time. Although, I really like that song so it's not a bad thing. But I think it annoys Ben since I'm always singing it.

kg said...

Was it Tillamook cheese you were eating, I think I'd like some....and those choc. chip cookies are sounding good about now too :) When are you going to Corvallis for a visit?