09 September 2010


*I admire those on cooking shows; I wouldn't be able to whip up random things in 30 minutes. Not to mention gross meats. Kudos, chefs.

*I miss being Miss B.

*I wish I had a desire to visit Asia, but I really don't.

*Two words: pumpkin bread.

*Three words: pumpkin spice steamer.

*Depressing: I put away my shorts. Not depressing: I replaced them with my scarves.

*Why do you have a million Bed Bath and Beyond coupons when you don't need them and when you actually do need them, they're expired?

*If you were on a reality tv show competition and got kicked/voted off, would you cry? Because it seems like everybody cries. I don't know if I would cry. I would hope I wouldn't. It's a reality tv show.


Laura K. said...

Amen to the BB and B coupons. That happens to me every time!

kg said...

Our BB and B coupons still work after they're expired! :) And I'm making pumpkin bread this weekend!

Diana said...

I don't think you would cry. I, on the other hand very likely would!

Kelli said...

The thing about those cooking shows is that all the ingredients are all measured out perfectly in their tiny little pyrex dishes and then they just whip it all together. That cuts out about half the time right there. Now, if they actually dug their measuring cups into the sugar and flour bags, and had to wash their meats and chop them up properly, THEN I would be super impressed. Though I guess I had better pay better attention when they do the Iron Chef competitions and stuff...those might be a different story.

Mark said...

I am of the opinion that you would cry if you were kicked/voted off.