10 August 2011

dd, things i don't do well edition

*put pants on barbies
*hide my emotions through facial expressions
*eat slowly
*put socks/shoes on children
*convince myself that I'm not the exception
*eat enough fruits and vegetables

...among other things.


Chris and Jenn Roundy said...

Hahaha! This list cracked me up! I think there is more than one of those things that I don't do well either. I like to think that acknowledging it makes me a better person! :-)

(Initially when I read your list, I read the first one as "put pants on babies" which is tough, but definitely not as tough as putting pants on barbies!)

Beth Lundgreen said...

i'm working on my facial transparency, but it's proving difficult.

Jill said...

Oh man. Don't even get me started on Barbie pants. And I found out that Bratz pants are pretty much just for show. They do not go on the dolls. Those dolls are meant to be nude. And creepy.