25 September 2011


*It's hard to write big letters.

*Melted cheese is the best!

*So happy new episodes are back.

*Thank you Louis, Frank, Ella and others for getting me through my prep.

*Continually learning that I can't do it all.

*Sometimes Christmas music comes up when my itunes is on shuffle. And sometimes I don't skip the song.

*One of my students told me I looked like Vanna White while I was teaching up at the board the other day. My dream is becoming a reality.


kg said...

Haha, love the Vanna White comment :)

Emily said...

You just need to wear a Vanna White dress to school now! Oh and bring a recording of the music when the letters turn over!

Katie Curtis said...

I agree with most of those points...except for new episodes, which I assume you are meaning Bachelorette or something equally ridiculous/entertaining :)

Kelli said...

-Ditto on the Christmas song comment.

-I hope Modern Family is on your new episodes list. If it's not, make it so. And we can watch it when I come down to visit you.