15 November 2011

dd, thinking of you edition

I associate music with a lot of different things - places, certain events in life, and people. I bet you didn't know that I associate most of you with certain songs. Here we go!

Dad - Anything by Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys, and "Alley Cat" (b/c it is the one song you would play on the piano and I asked you how you knew to do the part at the end w/ the triplets and you said you made it up. Once I knew how to read music I looked at the sheet music and discovered you lied)

Mom - "Mary Did You Know," Clay Aiken's version (b/c you really like it...and so I bought you piano music...which you forgot that I did and so you were going to buy more...until I found the sheet music I had previously purchased)

Lanson - The entire album of Steve Miller Band's greatest hits (b/c I would listen to it and cry because I missed you when you were on your mission).

Diana - "All for You" by Janet Jackson (b/c it played everywhere when we were in Europe)

Kim - "The Sign" by Ace of Bace* (b/c when it came out you told me to stop singing it because it was a bad song and I'm still trying to figure out why...)

Mark - "Hotel California" by the Eagles (b/c you told me once it was your favorite song)

Jill - "Invisible" by Clay Aiken** (b/c we looked it up on youtube while driving in San Francisco...and you borrowed my barbies to make a music video of it)

Jesselah - "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus (b/c it may or may not be the most played on your itunes)

Beth - any song by Michael Jackson. (b/c you heart him)

Kelli & Emily - "Everytime we Touch" by Cascada (b/c we listened to it a lot, and rolled around in blue foam while it was playing...that sounds bad but it's not)

Jenn & Marcelle - "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion (b/c of your amazing interpretive dance)

Jennie, Nina & Rose-Ellen - "Hey Ya!" by Outkast (b/c it defined our Freshman year together)

For those of you not yet on the list - just you wait. With time you will be added.

*This is a terrible music video.
**I had no idea that Clay Aiken was so present in my life.


Emily said...

I just laughed out loud!!! I'd love to see Jenn and Marcelle dance again!!!

Jen said...

I don't know if this counts as a "song" but every time I pull out my sewing machine I start singing the "Sew, Sew, Sew" Smurfs song and think of YOU! :)

kg said...

Hahaha Jen!!

I'll have to listen o Ace of Base....but I did really like that song, I would crank it up while driving the Jeep to WOU :)

Diana said...

I also remember Kim getting mad at us for singing to Ace of Base...and our argument was that if Laura Sherry's parents let her listen to it then it COULDN'T be bad!

Katie Curtis said...

What a cute idea...I might steal it...

Kelli said...

"Cuz Everytime we...PSSSCHH PSSSCHH PSSSSSCHH PSSSSSCHH..." Oh, whoops. Sorry. That was me beatboxing to Cascada Everytime We Touch. Ah, the good ole' days...

:) Great list, Jessi.

Kelli said...

Oh, and hey, what about the seeing-eye dog song from flute choir!? Emily just reminded me of that today. I think that belongs on this list, too. I don't remember the name of the song, but I'm pretty sure Emily has the CD recording...


mc said...

Kells-Are you still talking about the dog in flute choir??!!! Jessi-umm..I think I am eternally embarrassed about my interpretive dancing with Celine Dion. Oh wow...the things I do when I am feeling a bit crazy!! Go us!