01 January 2013

dd, reflection edition

It's the first of the new year, so how am I going to reflect upon 2012?  By listing all the restaurants that I tried for the first time in the past year...at least the ones I remember (because let's be honest, nobody wants to do any real reflecting).


Diana said...

Thank you for this list. It gives me some good ideas.

Also, thank you for alphabetizing it. Because had it not been either alphabetized or appropriately listed in chronoligical order I would have been quite annoyed.

Matt said...

This is the list I was waiting for!

I haven't been to most of those, but on that list the firsts for me include Andina, Paragon and What's the Scoop.

Brooke-Jean Newman said...

Pomegranate Bistro! I'm glad I was able to join you for that one. I love trying new restaurants. I just wish Ben loved it as much as me. We usually just eat at already visited hamburger joints when he's picking.