09 December 2012

dd, guilty pleasure edition

I have a lot of guilty pleasures.  Like a lot.  But I think the guiltiest of them all are:  holiday made-for-tv-movies.  Lifetime, Hallmark, ABC Family...I love them all.  I even go to the extent of calling my parents and asking them to record them for me (which then involves a complicated process of recording around the holiday lifetime movie they are currently watching) so that I have a ton to watch when I go home for Christmas.  There are a million things wrong with them: cheesy one-liners, awful actors, predictable outcomes, etc.  I just can't help myself, though.  With a title like "A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride" and "Holiday Spin" how can you resist?!  It's a weakness that I never intend on ever correcting.

And you know it's bad when you start a movie and realize 15 minutes into it you've already seen it...


Beth Lundgreen said...

the one and only lifetime christmas movie i have ever tolerated is 'The Christmas Wish' and that's because it's stars the great Neil Patrick Harris.

Kelli said...

Um, this just makes me so happy that I know you. Loves.