31 January 2010

dd, creating a home

So this month's Ensign has an article about 10 ways to grow as a single adult. I feel like I'm doing pretty well on all of their suggestions. I have a career, I have goals, my job happens to "support the next generation," etc. etc. Under the "creating a home" category, I kind of laughed when I read this line, "Jean, 28, concluded she did not need to be married to buy 'real' dishes." My reaction: obviously.

I've never had problems buying things for myself. Nor do I ever think I will. Don't worry - I don't buy things unless I can afford them. I've always enjoyed kitchen things and have been thinking about buying (or starting to buy) a nice set of dinnerware.

I was offered a job doing seasonal sales at Crate and Barrel this year but had to decline because I got my long-term sub job. But my plan is to write them (C&B) a letter with my resume saying that I will be available to work any shift during the summer :) Is it bad that I really want to work there? Anyway, there is a connection to this and dishes: employee discount.

So when I work there this summer (I'm being optomistic), I should take advantage of the discount and buy myself some nice dishes. Because I don't need to be married to have a full set of matching dishes. Plus it will be my turn to host Thanksgiving this year. So I need dishes, right?

I think I'm going to go for a white dinnerware. Something that will function for both everyday and china. Because I like simple, it would be kind of ridiculous to have two sets of white/china plates. I'm ok with one. I will accept that. So I was perusing on C&B this morning and haven't seen them in person, but on first look I like the Halo dinnerware or the Maison dinerware.

Thoughts? Feelings? Votes?


kg said...

I think I like the Halo, the others look too plain-inexpensive.

Tyler & Rose-Ellen said...

Heck, I've been married almost 5 years and still don't have nice dishes! Still using those garage sale white ones I had freshman year. I like the Halo ones too.

These are things that don't make sense to "wait for a man" for. Especially because in reality you probably don't want his opinion on these kinds of things. Unless it's the same as yours. :)