24 January 2010

ddrt, did you know? edition

*Did you know that this song is one of my favorite hymns to sing because the alto part is actually interesting? Same with this one.

*Did you know that I am going to start taking violin lessons on Saturday?! I'm really excited. My mother bought me a violin three years ago, and I will finally start my (not-so-secret-anymore) dream to know how to play the violin. Let's hope I stick with it.

*Did you know that they already have the new cast up for the next season of the Amazing Race?! It starts on V-day.

*Did you know that Masterpiece Theater is showing Emma this week and next?

*Did you know that I'm piloting a new math curriculum this week...and another in a few weeks? Not like it's interesting, but that is what my mind is on at the moment.

*Did you know that I want to go to Vancouver, BC sometime? And sometime soon? Might not be a warm location for Spring Break, but I think it would be fun to go. Who wants to come with me?!

*Did you know that I did not make my goal of three times at the gym last week? I only made it twice. Maybe this week it will happen.

*Did you know that I never accomplish everything that I set out to do. It's kind of annoying. But I like to think that nobody really ever does.


kg said...

I'm excited for the Emma!

Mama Nirvana said...

Totally forgot to watch or record Emma :( May try to on Hulu. Was it good? I'm so jealous of your violin lessons -- I've always wanted to do that!