05 January 2010


*As I was watching the Bachelor, one of the bachelorettes was saying how she had "horrible style" as she was packing a dress into her suitcase, at which the exact same moment I exclaimed, "I have that dress!"

*That same night I had Mickey Mouse head-shaped chicken nuggets with a Capri Sun for dinner.

*Is it nerdy that I sometimes plan my gym time to coincide with Jeopardy?

*Is it even more nerdy that I have opinionated feelings towards Alex Trebek and his lack of "bedside manner" while performing his hosting duties?

*If I could somehow calculate where my thoughts are directed to(wards?) most often, I would be confident that the answer would be "food."

*Like, if I want to get Starbucks in the morning I plan to get up earlier.

*Food is kind of a big deal. In general, and in my life. Both. The answer is yes.

*My friend (accurately) accused me of randomly getting the YMCA song stuck in her head. The question is: why was I humming the song in the first place?

*I bought a compact disc tonight. With a wolf on it.

*Current guilty pleasure songs: Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cirus and 3 by Britney Spears. Don't judge.

*I sometimes spend my Saturdays looking up old 90's television shows on you tube. What?


Kelli said...

I LOVE Jeopardy; it IS, after all, on my list of favorite TV shows on my Facebook page. Too bad I rarely get to watch it. No shame in planning your workout around jeopardy; love it.

Kelli said...

PS-I have the same guilty pleasure of Party in the USA.