16 February 2010

dd, list edition

Proof that I've been commuting too much:
*I am getting sick of listening to music...
*...which has made me resort to the nerdy endeavor of: books.on.cd.
*I am enjoying books on cd.
*I have caught myself using cruise control on 25 and 35 mph streets.

New dream job list, in order of preference:
1. Vanna White
2. Phil Keoghan's right hand (wo)man (actually, this could be #1...it's debatable)
3. children's book shop owner
4. elementary school librarian

Favorite winter Olympic sports (in no particular order):
*freestyle skiing
*short track
*alpine skiing
*figure skating (I think that Scott Hamilton's commentary has become the most entertaining part. How has his voice become so recognizable in my life?!)


kg said...

Maybe you and Diana can open up a combined or next door children's book store/flower shop!?

Laura K. said...

I totally know what you mean about Scott Hamilton's voice! Why is that?!

Mark said...

I'm so nerdy that I didn't know audible books are nerdy. I love to listen to books, then I can do two things at once.

Darin said...

You could always start listening to talk radio that's always a good one :). I have never listened to an audio book in my life I'm assuming the voice of the person would be annoying so prefer to read it.