09 February 2010


*You know how I said my dream job was to be an elementary school librarian? Well I lied. My real dream job is to be Vanna White.

*My most embarassing guilty-plesaure show? ABC Family's "Greek." I love it. I don't know why, I just do.

*I wish I wouldn't fall asleep after reading for 5 minutes. I'd get a lot more books read if I didn't.

*I would fry more foods (pioneer woman has a recipe for dougnuts, plus won tons are good), but I despise the smell of oil. It permeates. I hate permeating smells.

*It's hard for me to be motivated after 3pm.

*The sun was out today!!! I am very ready for it to be summer.

*Conflicted feelings are the worst.

*There is an owl that has been hooting many nights for the past couple of weeks. I love it. I think I will name the owl Henry.

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kg said...

Who wouldn't want to wear pretty dresses, turn letters and earn millions :)