22 June 2010

dd, first days of summer edition

*Did you know that a public library can have a restraining order against someone? Because the one here does - I witnessed it. Weird.

*Avatar = Fern Gully for adults. I prefer Fern Gully.

*I already have 2 dinners frozen in my freezer. Baking for one = lots of leftovers.

*Someday soon I will go to a movie theater by myself. Just to prove I can do it. We'll see if I get brave enough this week.

*Wishing I had a job for next year so I could be traveling.

*Wimbledon is on! It is my favorite sporting event to watch. Too bad I don't have cable. I have watched some of it online, though.

1 comment:

TamBaum said...

I have gone to the theater by myself lots of times. You can do it! It's not like you talk while you are there anyway.