19 June 2010

dd, wow i've watched a lot of tv edition

Sometime in my life I intend on buying the complete seasons of the following television shows for my children so that they will not miss out on all the shows that really matter:

*Boy Meets World

*Saved by the Bell

*The Cosby Show

*The Brady Bunch



Others that deserve an honorable mention (but are not important enough to purchase) are:

*Little Bill


*The Nanny (I know that 99.9% of the population hates this show and Fran Drescher, but I like it. Don't judge me.)

*Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman


And then there's the whole category of game shows that I will just cross my fingers and hope that they (and their reruns) will forever be aired on television:

*Price is Right, Bob Barker hosted-shows only

*Wheel of Fortune


*Love Connection

*Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

While we're at it, why don't I give a shout-out to made-for-tv movies that I love and will never be aired on television ever again (RIP, Disney/ABC family movies):

*This Time Around

*The Girl Who Spelled Freedom (ok, this was my sister's favorite)

*Help Wanted: Kids

*Double Switch (which I always thought was called Nerd Rock Star)

...I hope I didn't miss any...


kg said...

I love Matlock and 'Nerd Rockstar' :)

Diana said...

Nerd rock star isn't. The real title?? I also would add Wonder Years to your list!

Chris and Jenn Roundy said...

Just so you know, we have all of the Saved by the Bell episodes on dvd and started DVR-ing Boy Meets World shows which are on at 5:30 and 6:00 am here! :-)
Also, random-funny side note... Chris told me a couple of days ago that when he was younger, he had a crush on Dr. Quinn. I laughed and told him that I had a crush on Sully. I guess we're M.F.E.O. hahaha!

Kelli said...

What about Full House? Don't judge...