01 July 2010

dd, google ad's edition

This post is inspired by and is a tribute to my dear friend Jill, who has been the recipient of my ddrt emails for quite some time. They are, in fact, usually insanely random (hence the title) and often produce quite humorous google ad's on the sidebar of the text of our emails. Thus I have spent far too much time going through all of our hundreds of emails and copying only some of the advertisement links. This will give you an idea of how google knows, and yet doesn't know at all, what we're all thinking. And yes, all of these links would somehow make sense/relate to the conversations we've had:

*girdle women
*barbie lyrics
*transgendered women
*lycra pants
*wacky weird
*India tour package
*blueberry pie
*facebook tag
*cheap printer ink
*Korean music song
*free roommate search
*look alikes
*Bella Edward Cullen
*wall thickness
*help children
*romantic gift
*joy & happiness
*car pranks
*girls looking men
*Sweden girls
*family vacation trip
*funny faces photos
*learning English grammar
*downtown lofts
*fussball kicker
*York refrigerant
*knee tear
*wood boilers
*positive thinking
*quick money
*art & craft
*inna if you cry (What does that even mean?!)
*sleep apnea symptoms
*pick up lines
*really funny jokes
*friend poems
*Star Wars LEGO set
*baby feeding
*peroxide on teeth
*Larry King
*dog waste disposal
*kung fu
*Reminisce magazine

and last but not least (which has showed up a million times):
*AARP 50+ auto insurance

Yup. That sounds about right.

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