09 October 2010

dd, insomnia edition

*I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot fall back asleep...for no reason. I'm tired, I want to fall asleep, I've tried to fall asleep, but it's just not coming.

*I love the sound of rain when I am inside and cozy.

*I've been thinking a lot about the origin of phrases lately; not sure why. Like, who coined certain phrases, slang or colloquialisms? I know nowadays entertainment drives a lot of new words/sayings, but did it way back when? I dunno...just something I think about.

*Don't ask me why, but whenever I hear/say/read the word "insomnia," my mind immediately starts singing Rhianna's hit song, "Disturbia." It's a really annoying reflex, if you will.

*I ate some good fries last night. There are a lot of crappy fries out there, so it will be helpful to know that Manzana's in downtown LO has good fries.

*I like it when I have things to do.

*Technology amazes me.

*One thing that would make my life so much easier would be if my hair could look good if I just let it air dry. What a blessing that would be.

*Dry throat = annoying.

*I think I will wear a scarf tomorrow (today). Yay!


Binx said...

As someone with chronic insomnia, this made me laugh. I have random thoughts like this all night long. Take a look at my blog if you like at http://insomniarticulate.blogspot.com/ it seems like we have a bit in common.

Diana said...

AMEN to your point about air-drying hair!!!

Hope you were able to go back to sleep :)