16 November 2010

dd, insights edition

Today was one of those days where I forgot to put in my earrings. That usually means I'm tired and am not on top of my game, which today resulted in getting honked at twice before I even reached the freeway (a mile away, if that) and came home with glue on my shirt (granted, I was in kindergarten today).

On days like this I'm also pretty introspective; probably because I don't really want to talk to other people. So I end up doing a lot of thinking, which leads to a lot of analyzing. Here are a few insights I've had about myself today; some new, most of them not:

*I'm a complainer by nature. I don't even know if I try hard not to be. I like to think that I do try, but it must be some type of release for me because I do it even when I try not to.

*I like the fact that I will laugh out loud, especially (and usually) when there is nobody around. I laugh for my own enjoyment. It could be something I'm reading, watching, or just thinking. Maybe that classifies me as a dork, but there are countless other things which could more justifiably solidify that accusation. I doubt that last sentence was grammatically correct.

*Having a purpose drives me. Not having a purpose takes a toll on me emotionally/mentally, if you will. (This bullet-point refers to more of a long-term basis kind of thing.)

*Instrumental music is comforting to me. Probably half of the music I own is instrumental. I feel like that says something. I'm not sure what it says, but probably something.

*I need time to digest things. Sometimes lots of time.

*Because of the above bulleted point, I try to anticipate as much as I possibly can in my life. Most of the time it works. Or at least that's what I like to tell myself.

*Sleep, or lack thereof, greatly alters my mood. Although that isn't a new insight, by any means.

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