08 November 2010

dd, WS edition

I went to a cooking class at Williams-Sonoma tonight with my sister; they cooked a "non-traditional" Thanksgiving meal in front of us and we got to taste! They used machines/pans that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, naturally. So while we were waiting for them to plate the food I got to browse and look at all of the wonderful and ridiculously expensive cooking things that I will probably never own. Enter wish list:

*This food processor. Oh my goodnes, the SNAP ON LID!!! Plus it comes with a handy organizational box for all the pieces. Yes, please.

*A see-through toaster. Who wouldn't want to know how toasty their bread is getting?!

*How cute are these? Cute, but not $45 cute.

*These towels, in dijon, to match my kitchen. I will actually probably purchase these someday.

*Convenient multipots. For when I have to boil a very large amount of pasta or potatoes. You know, since I do that often.

*Electric salt and pepper mills. Just turn it upside down and it automatically grinds the salt and pepper; it's pretty cool.

*I can't even narrow down anything from the bakeware or cooks' tools categories. Not possible, so don't even try.

Like I told my sister, when I build my five-million dollar dream home, I'll just build a Williams-Sonoma in the basement.

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kg said...

You can come cook for us :)