04 December 2010

dd, new job edition

One week down, and I think it will be a good fit. Here's why:

*I already have a cute Built NY lunch bag, like 1/2 the other teachers.

*I'm not the only "young" teacher.

*One of my co-workers is LDS.

*I'm more of a specialist, so I don't have to deal with parents as much as I would a classroom teacher.

*The kids are nice. And they follow directions.

*I don't have to wake up super early.

*The teachers have all been listening to Christmas music (after school).


kg said...

Yay for the new job!! And cute lunch boxes :)

Kelli said...

AWESOME!!!! Yay.

Diana said...


Noelle said...

Sounds good. Hope week 2 is as good as week 1!