24 January 2011

dd, blazers game edition

Well, the Blazers lost, but it was still a good game. Here's why:

*It was my first Blazers game!

*Free tickets.

*Good seats.

*Time with sister.

*Michael Jordan was in attendance!

*I won a free ticket to the Portland Auto Show from the giant car blimp that was flying around during half-time (which I will be giving/throwing away).

*Club level tickets, which means...FREE FOOD! Between the two of us we consumed (actually, we didn't consume it all - we snuck some in our purses to take home) the following:
-2 sodas
-2 water bottles
-piece of pizza
-giant red vine
-peanut m&m's
-2 buffet plates including pasta, ham, fruit and mini desserts
-ice cream sandwich
-mini dryer's slow-churned chocolate ice cream

...talk about gluttony at its finest!

I think we made good use of the tickets, don't you?


TamBaum said...

Why would you ever throw auto show tickets away!? Who doesn't love a good auto show. Seriously.

And hairdresser Michelle is a crazy B.

kg said...

Wow, you certainly did make good use!

Diana said...

You are most definitely the perfect date!

Katie Curtis said...

Is this Jessi?? You have a blog? Can I blog stalk you??