03 February 2011

dd, numbers edition

*I only have 1 oven mitt. It's kind of annoying; I should probably get another one.

*I've seen 2 pink Cadillacs in the past couple of days. What's up with that? I think they're ugly.

*Every Friday when I drive home from work, on a certain intersection, there are 3, count 'em, three, people dressed up and waving a sign around to try to get business. Corner one: guy dancing to his ipod dressed up like the statue of liberty trying to get you to go do your taxes somewhere (I think). Corner two (actually still corner one...they share or go on opposite sides): little caesar's pizza guy. I guess he's not dressed up but it still counts - he's waving a sign. Corner three: someone waving a sign for hair cuts at great clips, DRESSED UP LIKE A RABBIT. I don't get it.

*Only accomplished 4 things on my to-do list today, when I should've done more like 10.

*My phone's alarm has a 5-minute snooze on it. That's ridiculous. Everybody knows that the snooze option is 9 minutes.

*I ate somewhere between 6-8 food samples at Costco today. It was my dinner. They're trying to sell superbowl snacks so get on over to Costco for some really good samples! Seriously - I'm not joking. The sample carts were practically set up like a cafeteria line; it was fantastic!


Amber said...

HA! Dressed up like a Rabbit?? We saw the statue of liberty girl the other day. Ben asked me if she could do our taxes... yeah. right.

Also - Athropologie usually has really cute oven mitts on sale. Not that they should be cute. But it helps!

Chris and Jenn Roundy said...

My alarm clock has a 4 minute snooze. It drives me crazy! I thought 9 minutes was the standard until I got this clock. What is this world coming to???

kg said...

Do you have a Costco membership?

Katie said...

The football team is well aware of the superbowl Costco samples. I went there last year with Geoff and 10 of the o-line guys showed up and literally ate costco out of house and home...for the third day in a row. The sample people knew their names and even asked one of them where his girlfriend was only to replay 'I broke up with her yesterday'.