24 February 2011

dd, snow day edition

I am so grateful for this snow day. It gave me a chance to catch up on a lot of things that needed to be done, including regaining my sanity which I feel like I somehow lost between Monday and today.

Preparing for Staff Lunch
I'm in charge of the staff treats/lunch which we're doing tomorrow at work; apparently it is a competition to see who can do the best presentation/food. We're going with an "Oscars" theme. Here's what I did today in preparation for that:
*Wrote down trivia cards about past Oscars to have at the table while people eat. They were going to be cutesy but I wasn't at school today to get the construction paper, so plain white cardstock it is.
*Made the following recipes:
-Pasta salad
-Muffins (from a box, but I baked them in some cute muffin liners that my mom gave me!)
-Mint Brownies
-Break the Fast Miracle Bars
*Made Oscar voting sheets and voting ballot box (ok, so I really did that earlier this week)

*Planned next week's lessons.

Mental Sanity
*Slept in.
*Caught up on all my tv shows.
*Watched a chick flick.
*Baked (and was able to freeze some of) the following:
-Rosemary Potatoes
-Basil Chicken Soup
-Broccoli & Cheese-Stuffed Chicken (ok, ok, this was frozen and pre-made so it doesn't count)
*My plan is to make it to the gym later this evening and go to bed early.

*Did a load of laundry
*Did three loads of dishes (in case you didn't notice, I cooked a lot)
*Cleaned my kitchen
*Cleaned my bathroom

I wish I was this productive every day. Productive day = happy me!!!

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Brittany said...

i'm really impressed with how much you got done! that seems like a lot of food to cook in one day. i love the oscar trivia cards.