10 March 2011


*I just ate a whole bag of quaker rice snacks. That's what I get for not eating lunch today.

*I'm getting used to less sleep and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

*Remember D.A.R.E.? I saw the logo on the side of a dump truck (???) on my way to work this morning. It brought back lots of memories of that officer that always came to our school and the graffiti t-shirt I got.

*Just so you know, you can be in love with an item of clothing. My current love is a new skirt of mine.

*My eyesight is really getting bad, I've decided. I'd better get a more attractive pair of glasses so I can wear them frequently. I will soon fully embrace my secret librarian identity.

*I get to see my sister and her kids soon! Hopefully my niece will remember me better after this visit and not have to ask her mom, "is she my friend?"


Katie said...

Today my 3 yr old nephew told me I was going to make him vomit. In reference to the fact that I had my armpit in his face while I was trying to buckle him in. I hadnt showered yet, I was wearing an old t I had already worked out in and I was sans deo. Keepin me in check. Kids are so funny.

kg said...

Of course Gracie will remember you! She's very excited to go on the plane to Oregon, I'm excited too :) Maybe you should try contacts?