24 March 2011

dd, spring break edition

I still wish I could've gone on a tropical vacation, but oh well. I guess I'll have to wait for this summer!

Getting random errands and things checked off my list are good, too, though.

Massage? Check!

Shopping? Check! And more to come tomorrow.

Pedi? Still thinking about that one.

Things done on my car? Half-check.

Book read? Almost.

Cooking? Not really.

Clean my room? Nope.

Gym? Twice this week, and tomorrow might make three.

Lesson planning? Check.

Laundry? Always going on.

Movies? Watched an entire season of a BBC series, if that counts.

A successful spring break so far, I think.


Brittany said...

which BBC series?

Kelli said...

Successful-EXCEPT you didn't get to see me :(.

Why couldn't your spring break be next week, when I don't work Mon-Thurs?

Chris and Jenn Roundy said...

That sounds both enjoyable and productive! Congrats on accomplishing so much! :-) I wish my job came with a built in spring break.