30 April 2011

dd, letter edition

Dear Body,

Why do you not allow me to sleep in on the weekends? Shouldn't you know that Saturday is the day to sleep in, not wake up at the same time or, heaven forbid, earlier than you normally do? It's been about five weeks now...I guess we're settling into a routine. A losing battle. Maybe this is your way of telling me to stop being so lazy and to be productive. I'm all about that - it's just that I really enjoy sleep and would like a little more. Maybe if I set an alarm you will subconsciously not want to get up since you're supposed to. At least I'll make it to the gym today (first time this week). Thanks for that. I guess.


Sorely Disappointed

1 comment:

Beth Lundgreen said...

i have the same problem. i'm seriously considering blackout shades. 7 am on saturday. Seriously?? It's not right.