17 October 2011

dd, chicago edition

I went to Chicago for the first time this weekend and I had such a good time! What a cool city...so much to do, it would definitely take more than one visit to see everything. Here's what we were able to fit in:

Friday Night
*Walked around Millennium Park and saw some architectural structures, if you will, including what my friend calls the "shiny bean."
*Art walk in the Chicago Art District
*Dinner at Nightwood
*Comedy show at Second City

*Breakfast at the Bongo Room (check out their menu - seriously amazing!)
*Quick stop at Trader Joe's to try their new Pear Cinnamon juice
*Saw the new Marilyn Monroe statue
*American Girl and LEGO stores
*Tour of the Chicago Tribune building
*Ferris wheel at Navy Pier
*Water taxi from the pier to the...
*Field Museum, including chocolate exhibit
*Walking through more parks downtown
*Deep dish pizza at Pequod's
*Jazz music at Green Mill

Some people have asked me what my favorite part was, but I honestly enjoyed everything! I would definitely recommend this city. Maybe someday I'll get to go back.

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Emily said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!! My sister is in love with Chicago too. P.S. You didn't even tell me you were going there when we talked the other day!!! I'm glad you had tons of fun!