17 December 2011

dd, completed edition

I saw on pinterest that this girl kept posting things on her "bucket list" board from this website and having seen that movie New Years Eve last night (it was ok) I've been thinking about resolutions, but it's much more fun to see what I've done rather than what I haven't, so here's what I've done in my life!

(**WARNING: long list ahead**)

*lay down in a field of daisies
*bungee jumping
*shopping in paris
*eat pizza in italy
*go to california
*plant a tree
*see a broadway play
*visit the louvre
*shoot a gun
*travel alone (well...I've taken many flights alone...)
*go to times sqaure
*visit a walk-through aquarium
*go to rome
*party in las vegas
*learn to play piano
*perform on a stage
*ride on the back of a motorcycle
*learn how to bake perfectly (well, I think I know how to do it well)
*go to hawaii
*take a homeless person out to dinner (I've given them food before)
*go to a spa
*go on an ice cream date
*share ice cream with someone special (with my family...all the time)
*see every hunger games movie (I consider that done even though they're not out)
*make a rainbow cake
*watch the sunset at the beach
*drink coffee in seattle (does hot chocolate count?)
*party during spring break
*go to the olympics
*experience a white christmas
*attend a pool party
*party all night without stopping for sleep
*go to canada
*own an iphone
*go skinny dipping
*move back to my hometown
*see the golden gate bridge
*find a four leaf clover
*go on a camping trip
*attend a concert
*see snow
*have a food fight
*go to Germany
*see every cirque du soleil show (well I've seen four or five...I think that counts)
*have a beach wedding (I'll count that I've been to one)
*read all of the harry potter books
*have perfect teeth (my orthodontist said mine turned out the best out of all my siblings...and my dad said I have perfectly shaped bicuspids)
*learn how to drive
*have a huge water balloon fight
*attend a new year's party
*shop in new york city
*go to hollywood
*see a shooting star
*go to venice, italy
*be a bridesmaid
*visity sydney, australia
*graduate from college
*pet a giraffe
*ride in a taxi
*be on t.v.
*ride an elephant
*go on a road trip with friends
*donate blood
*try sushi
*see the eiffel tower
*sleep under the stars
*visit disney world
*take a tour of the white house
*let a snowflake land on my tongue
*spend a summer getting really tan
*go to a water park
*become a teacher
*cook thanksgiving dinner
*visit puerto rico
*try something from godiva
*bake something from scratch
*visit new zealand
*go an entire day without using any technology
*sing at the grand ole opry (does humming to myself while I'm there count?)
*finish a game of monopoly
*chop down my own christmas tree
*take ballet lessons
*have the barista at starbucks remember my order
*learn how to use chopsticks
*make s'mores around a campfire
*try chicago style pizza
*own a pair of skinny jeans
*'hold up' the leaning tower of pisa
*see the milky way
*try tiramisu
*visit a chocolate factory
*finish a whole tube of chapstick
*try beglian chocolate
*stay at a bed and breakfast
*have a pet rabbit
*feed a giraffe
*ride in a limo
*swim in the pacific ocean
*ride a horse
*have a summer job
*ride a subway in new york
*make homemade ice cream
*read the bible
*be able to walk well in heels
*write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
*climb a tree
*buy flowers for someone for no reason at all
*own a coach bag
*build a gingerbread house
*eat an entire pizza by myself
*tie dye a shirt
*eat a croissant at a bakery in paris
*make homemade jam
*make a quilt
*have a bonfire
*visit the full house home in san francisco
*study abroad
*have a baby fall asleep in my arms

...and on and on...

I am one extremely blessed person.


Emily said...

I love you list. I love that I have done a lot of those things with you!!! You are a wonderful friend!

Brittany said...

whoa. there are so many of those that i didn't know and some very surprising ones. sky dive? bungee jump? we have some interesting conversations coming up.

Kelli said...

I, for one, would like to find out what the skinny dipping incident was all about...haha!

Chris and Jenn Roundy said...

I love this list! You have done a lot and I think it would be fun to hear the stories behind a lot of these things. :-)