09 January 2012

dd, binge much? edition

In no particular order, a list of things I could eat at least a half, or an entire pan of by myself:

*german pancakes
*texas sheet cake
*cheesy breadsticks
*breadsticks/rolls in general
*oreo cake
*chocolate chip cookies (soft, chewy ones!!)
*mashed potatoes
*funeral potatoes
*graham cracker crust
*really cheesy mac 'n' cheese

...I'm sure that's not all, unfortunately...


Brittany said...

oh man, i haven't had sheet cake in forever. let's make some! and then give it away. amen to the breadsticks and rolls. and funeral potatoes. salty cheesy goodness.

kg said...

I'd like some oreo cake and cheesy breadsticks right now. Do you have a cheesy breadstick recipe you like? And is the oreo cake on your blog?