28 October 2010

dd, it's amazing edition

*It's amazing that making good-looking sugar cookies can be so darn tricky sometimes.

*It's amazing that high schoolers (both boys and girls) straighten their hair during class, and also groom their eyebrows.

*It's amazing that Jiffy Lube can advertise one price and then have the service end up costing triple the amount advertised.

*It's amazing that a teacher's swivel chair can become so.incredibly.disgusting. Seriously, how do those stains get there?! What are those stains?!

*It's amazing how one dumb idea can run rampant among all age groups of the public school system. Watch the Ellen clip...it's actually pretty funny, and is exactly how I feel about the whole thing.

*It's amazing how terrible my diet has become.

*It's amazing that the holiday season(s) are coming upon us.

*It's amazing that my life and, subsequently, these posts consist of nothing but teaching, eating, and watching movies. Sorry.

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