11 October 2010

dd, monday edition

*Seriously, teachers need to start getting sick. Seriously.

*I got the best deal today...this shirt (except it's off-white with pale blue stripes, not white) for $2.59. That's right, TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY-NINE CENTS! I have to admit I'm pretty lucky when I shop at my go-to Banana. And the tie is much cuter when it's in the back.

*I really like shopping...clothes, groceries, office supplies, random gifts, etc. It doesn't even have to be for myself; I am frequently my mother's personal shopper. It's fun. How do I make that my career?

*I made homemade brownies today. Yum.

*It was a gorgeous fall day today. I love gorgeous fall days.

*The more time I have on my hands, the more OCD I get.

*I think I'm essentially done with my Christmas shopping. Maybe.

*The Sondre Lerche pandora radio station is putting out some good old-timey-jazzy music tonight.


Brittany said...

how the heck did that happen? do you have magical powers at banana? and seriously, personal shopper is on my dream job list.

Chris and Jenn Roundy said...

I want you to be my personal shopper! I'm pretty terrible at shopping, so it would be nice to have you do it for me. Now all I need is some money! :-)